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An academic initiative where passionate people spark curiosity in others...

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In 2021, the percentage of Chicago Public School students who scored at or above proficiency levels on their state assessments for the subjects of reading and math where, 27% and 25% respectively. That's one student in four. The SparkX Initiative was created to support those 3 other students. But how?

Inspiration what most students lack. Lack of the drive to learn, lack of interest in academics, and lack of resources to feed the spark of the many curious but underprivileged students. Our initiative's mission is to provide a platform that inspires people, shed light on the most fascinating ideas, and let's anyone explore the wonders of our world.

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Our Initiatives

Our Initiatives


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Discover the ideas, findings, and research of many inquisitive creators...

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Workshops meant to spark interest and explore the many topics of academia...

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Join our discord as we discover, learn, chat, and create more with others...

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